Cotton Selection & Ginning


Own Roller Ginning & Experienced Cotton Selection Team.

In Process Control

In process checking & control by Uster Afis, Cascade, UT-5 Uster Tester, Uster Classimate,
Uster Tensorapid, TPI tester, Trash Analyser, Splice Strength tester, Nilometer & other SQC instruments. A dedicated team of Quality
Investigators remains vigilant around the clock on all processes.

Incoming Material Quality Control

Fibre Testing by Uster Afis, Premier HVI, Trash Analyser & Moisture checking.
Packing material being tested for Bursting Strength & Collapsing Strength.


Outgoing Quality Control

Every lot is being tested extensively by Uster Classimate, Uster Tensorapid & UT-5 Uster.
A separate team of investigators checks each lot for Quality of packing & Stuffing.